Aberdeen YMCA began on the 6th July 1858.  We will soon be celebrating our 160th birthday!! 


We are a youth work organisation with a Christian ethos, based in the city-centre of Aberdeen and are managed by a Board of Directors who represent a variety of different denominations.  The diversity of our Directors' backgrounds establishes us as a uniquely ecumenical movement for meeting the needs of children, young people and students among our city population of 220,000.


YMCA, despite its name, is a unique organisation:

  •   you don't have to be young to be a member; our oldest member is 90

  •   you don't have to be male; 50% of our membership is female

  •   you don't have to be a Christian; our programme is open to all


Aberdeen YMCA, as an autonomous organisation, is affiliated to the umbrella organisations of YMCA Scotland, the European Alliance of YMCA and the World Alliance of YMCAs.  This makes us part of the largest youth organisation in the world!


Committed to serving others, the YMCA in Aberdeen aims to create a safe, caring and secure environment for our members where they can flourish and find a sense of achievement by providing them with facilities and opportunities often denied to them because of poverty, unemployment or social deprivation. 


We seek to facilitate the needs of our members by empowering them to tackle their own needs through developing programme activities and acquiring the resources that they identify.  To achieve this we are committed to working in partnership with others to provide a quality support environment for all our members, and ensuring that inclusion is central to our strategic plans for high quality support to young people. 


Accordingly, Aberdeen YMCA stands for a worldwide fellowship based on the equal value of all persons, respect and freedom for all, tolerance and understanding between people of different opinions and active concern for the needs of the community. 







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