Koloszvar is the Hungarian name for the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca.  Situated in the Transylvanian area of Romania, the IKE (YMCA) in Cluj-Napoca is home to the national seat of the Hungarian speaking YMCA based in Romania.


Volunteers from Aberdeen YMCA had the privilege of visiting the YMCA in Kolosvar in 2001 and since then the partnership between the two YMCAs has flourished greatly.


In May 2004, the Board of Directors of Aberdeen YMCA agreed to support IKE in Koloszvar with a small annual donation for the next 3 years.







2001: JULY

Partnership establishment, with a visit hosted by the IKE in Kolozvar.






2003: APRIL

Partnership strengthening with a visit by volunteers from Aberdeen YMCA to Koloszvar.





Kati and Gyongyi, from the IKE Koloszvar, pictured with the YMCA Executive Chairman and the Lord Provost of Aberdeen in the Town House in recognition of the partnership between both YMCAs and the 6 months they had volunteered with the YMCA in Aberdeen.





2004: AUGUST 

Volunteers from Aberdeen YMCA visited Romania to participate in the 5th International IKE Festival.  A cheque is being presented to the IKE National Secretary, Csaba Veres, and Kati and Gyongyi from Aberdeen YMCA.


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