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Why volunteer?:  Reasons for volunteering and the desperate need for workers

Opportunities for volunteers: There are many needs for volunteers at the YMCA.  This sections explains many ways in which you can use and develop your skills and gifts at the YMCA.

Training for volunteers:  A list of the many training opportunities that are available to you as a volunteer with Aberdeen YMCA.

Find out about volunteering:  We have several informal 'open door' sessions where prospective volunteers can drop in to the YMCA and look around the building, discuss opportunities with a member of the Leadership Team and find out for yourself the need for volunteers.

Join us: At a glance summary of the procedure to be followed for joining Aberdeen YMCA as a volunteer.

For further information on volunteering, email:

[email protected]

Your email will then be forwarded to the most appropriate person within the YMCA who will contact you to discuss further.






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