Aberdeen YMCA is committed to engaging with young people to facilitate their personal, social, emotional and spiritual development to empower and enable them to gain a voice, influence and place as citizens in society.


Our provision of a high-quality youth work programme for 12 - 16 year olds in the city-centre is uniquely placed to help deliver on our commitments, sitting as it does in the heart of the city-centre community.


Our range of activities and support for young people are:

developed by qualified and well-trained staff
safe and secure
educational and challenging
open to all to ensure equality of opportunity 

Staff members work to empower and develop young people in body, mind and spirit to ensure that they thrive in the informal learning environment of the YMCA.


Conveniently located in the city-centre, our youth programme provides opportunities for young people to:

chill out in our dvd/tv/cinema room

access the internet via our broadband links

practice karaoke in our music room

engage in indoor-archery

practice game skills with electronic games

participate in all sorts of sports

take part in weekend trips away


If you require further information on any aspect of our youth programme then please contact us.









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