A VERY WARM WELCOME and thank you for visiting the official Aberdeen YMCA website from all our volunteers, employees and trustees.

Our website gives complete information about our outreach programme to children, youth and the north-east of Scotland which we have been undertaking since 1858!

Aberdeen YMCA is a leading charity committed and dedicated to creating opportunities to empower children, young people, families and communities in body, mind and spirit irrespective of religion, gender, class or race.  Based firmly on Christian values, we are part of a world-wide ecumenical voluntary movement with a special emphasis on the most vulnterable children and young people in society.

Aberdeen YMCA is the oldest charity in Aberdeen, ignoring schools and universities, and part of a confederation of YMCAs that can be found in 120 countries across the globe.

Navigating through the various pages will help you to find complete information about our YMCA, take a virtual tour of our premises, find out how you can help and support our work and keep you up-to-date with recent happening at our Y-House.








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